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     Ladies and Gentlemen,

     We are pleased in accordance with the WDSF Competition Rules to invite couples from your nation to take part in WDSF International Open Standard on October 30, 2011.

     Expenses: In accordance with the IDSF Competition Rule 8 no travel expenses and no hotel costs will be reimbursed to the participating couples. Entry fee will be 1300 rubles (approximate equivalent to 45 USD or 30 Euro) per couple.

     Venue: This event will be organized by the Executive Board of DanceSport Federation of Russia, and will take place at the International Expo and Conventional Center "Crocus Expo" in Moscow. The timetable will be sent additionally.

     Hotel reservation: The official hotel is the Aquarium Hotel. The hotel is located in the Exhibition hall 3 of the IEC "Crocus City", 15 km from the International airport Sheremetyevo 2. Couples and accompanying persons should make their hotel reservation until September 15, 2011 through the DSFR Official Travel Agent "Academservice". Phone: +7 (495) 660–90-90 Fax: +7 (495) 662–43-69, E-mail: and copy to

     In case of later reservation the Organizer does not guarantee the same room rates and hotel.

     Travel Agent "Academservice" provides adjudicators, competitors and accompanying persons with TOURIST VOUCHER to be presented to the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country in order to get Russian Entry Visa. For issuing Russian entry visa each coming person must send a scanned copy of passport, name of the suitable town in your country with Russian consulate to get VISA and address of occupation office until October 01, 2011 the following e-mail: and copy to

     All visa expenses in Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country must be paid by competitors and accompanying persons respectively.

     The attached entry form must be returned directly to the Organizer - Executive Board of DanceSport Federation of Russia, by September 25, 2011.

     Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 637-03-70 or +7 (495) 637-03-73 Mrs. Irina Larina, Mrs. Natalia Yakhina. E-mail:

     We are looking forward to welcoming your couples in Moscow.
With best regards,
DanceSport Federation of Russia
Pavel Dorokhov

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